Once the visa has been approved by the Immigration of the relevant country, we conduct a pre-departure briefing which immensely helps the students to settle abroad. Empire’s support does not just end there, we help student abroad too through the help of our professional networks and international branches. A student needs to be prepared for what abroad life is for international students. Our counsellors who are International Students know what to expect and how one can prepare before landing in the country.


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Once you have successfully attained a Visa, many students have apprehension about various subject matters like travel tickets, getting a job, settling, making friends, visiting places, itinerary planning, utensils, lodging and food and many more. So, we have a tete-a-tete with the parents and guardians to mitigate the apprehension.
For International airway ticket, Empire’s subsidiary company Empire Travel looks after the international ticketing system to help student book an affordable flight to Australia. This way a student should not worry about the ticketing arrangement, our pricing structure is highly competitive and one of the cheapest in the industry.
To secure a job, Empire International urge students to learn skills before they reach abroad, hence we conduct Barista training, cooking classes, accounting certifications and many more so that they have a competitive edge compared to other students. We also help students prepare a robust resume which is relevant to their qualification and with professional networks help them achieve a job abroad.
Similarly, for the itinerary, we have a pre-departure list and guidelines that we ask the student to adhere to.



  • Valid passport with the valid Australian student visa;
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), confirmation of your airport pickup
  • Payment receipts of tuition fees, health cover etc.
  • Academic documents (attested)
  • Ten passport size photographs, and an international driver’s license.
  • Important numbers and addresses in Nepal and Australia.
  • A prescription from a medical practitioner if certain medical requirements needed.
  • health insurance details


  • Pack items only what is necessary for you, and make sure it is easily accessible for you and the customs officer. Mention your name, contact address and the name and address of your institution attached with the luggage. Make sure you are under the weight restriction which is generally 20 kilograms.
  • Lock your luggage, however, during the inspection, the lock may be broken, never act as a carrier of luggage for someone else due to the risk of illicit items and contrabands.
  • Keep your passport, money, tickets, and other vital documents securely with you and make sure it is easily accessible. You are not advised to keep a huge amount of cash, generally nor more than 1000 dollars.


  • Do not overpack, take only what you need, apart from the wardrobe and other personal items, other essentials are readily available in Australia at an affordable price.
  • Pack some charging adapters with a universal plug, with additional in-lets. The voltage requirement varies with the country, for Australia it is 240V, and for the US it is 110V.
  • The weather changes quickly in Australia, however, it is generally hot. But in winter the weather is chilly, so you must include both winter and summer clothing. Make sure to include the following items:
    • Rain Jacket or poncho
    • Trunks
    • Sun visors
    • Tank Tops and T-shirts
    • Shorts and boxers
    • Belts and socks
    • Hat/Cap
    • Hoodies, heavy-duty windcheater
    • Long-sleeved Shirts
    • Shoes both casual and formal
    • A pair of black suit and white shirt
  • Post-Covid essentials, such as masks, protective covers, gloves, hand sanitisers, visors, medkits, wipes, personal water bottle and hand soap.
  • Avoid Miscellaneous items such as cologne, mirrors, shaving kits, lunch boxes.

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