As a leading global powerhouse of education, Australia is now a famous destination for international students who aspire to attain a globally recognized education. A culturally diverse, safe and welcoming country with a high quality of life, it educates over 799,000 international students from all around the world. Australia has a diverse climate, world-class study options and affordable courses for international students.
The attractions of Australian education is the lifestyle people adopt, multicultural community, climate, education system, culture and environment. Australian education is affordable with the world’s best educational institutions, it boasts vibrant business and financial centres. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Canberra are considered great places to live, the people who live there belong to different caste, creed, ethnicities, countries and religion, and Australians welcome international students. Importantly, Australia is one of the most secure countries for women and international students.

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Australian institutions offer courses ranging from vocational education to research studies. The courses offered are industry-relevant and globally acclaimed. Therefore, investing in a course that is carefully designed to cater to future demands, and relevant in near future, sets a great course for one’s career. It comes third in the place with the high number of international students after the United Nations and the United Kingdom.
The globally ranked universities have high repute and great quality of education provision, some of them are the leading pioneers in fields such as marine biology, information technology and science and technology with premium training facilities. Also, the Tuition Protection System assists students to cover the cost of tuition fees spent if the education providers are not able to fulfil the delivery of the courses. Furthermore, each institution has a student-support system for any kind of counselling, enquiries or if the students are in trouble. Also, most of the institutions provide internships so that you glean real pragmatic knowledge and invest your knowledge in doing something relevant to your career.

One also has a chance to work 40 hours per fortnight during the semesters and can work full-time during their vacation or semester breaks. This way one learns and earns, you can manage to pay for your lifestyle in Australia.


With Empire’s highly qualified counsellors forget your worries and appoint a meeting with one of the counsellors who will provide you with information on where and how you can start to attain your Australian Education Visa.
Here are the steps you can take to secure your visa with Empire.

  1. Prepare for your English Language Test

    Without highly qualified IELTS instructors, attain the best possible score, they will guide you to meet the English language requirements.

  2. Gain offer letter with the help of our Counsellors

    Our counsellors will guide you to prepare a flawless statement of purpose along with the preparation of necessary documents.

  3. Prepare for GTE approval

    Attain a genuine temporary entrant status with our seamless proceeding and 24/7 support.

  4. Manage your finances and receive your COE

    One can opt for a bank loan to study in Australia or pay directly from one’s savings, the choice is yours.

  5. Book your OHSC, medical check-up and biometrics

    We assist you with the process to pre-book your mandatory health cover, medical check-up, and biometrics at the date of your convenience.

  6. Finally, lodge for a visa

    Our competently trained counsellors will include all the documents necessary and prepare a genuine, precise and accurate visa profile as per the standards set by immigration Australia. We do not let any stone unturned, so we give the best of our abilities.

  7. Collect your Visa Grant letter attained with the help of Empire

    Enjoy your visa grant and study in one of the best countries in the world.


  • A large, flightless bird called Emu – can run as fast as 45km/h (28mph)
  • Australia is the largest island nation.
  • Most people think the capital of Australia is Sydney but was Melbourne for 26 years between 1901 to 1927, later the capital shifted to Canberra.
  • Platypus and Echidnas- two native Australian animals, are the only two mammals in the world that lay eggs to give birth
  • The Australian Alps gets more snow than the Swiss Alps.
  • 90% of Australian live the coastal areas and cities.
  • The largest coral reef the great barrier reef is in Australia, which due to global warming is degrading quicker than expected, therefore, Australia is one of the hardest-hit countries due to global warming and climate change.

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