The USA is the universal centre of technology, innovation, and opportunities is deemed the greatest country in the world. For many years, it has been the topmost favoured education destination for aspirants of Australian education. More than a million students pursue American courses to quench their urge to attain a world-class education. Choosing the USA is second nature as it is the centre of technological excellence, a place where big dreams turn into reality, a multi-cultural country, and a country where invention and innovation broods.

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Generally, prospective students must go via the given 5 stages, which are:

  • Book an appointment with a counsellor in Empire International and counsel on what are your career prospects.
  • Apply to and be accepted by a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-approved school in the US (six to twelve months before US study): One must select an institution and a relevant program accredited by the US government, only the accredited institutions can accept international students. Given that the US has no central authority to manage the application, one must apply to each institution separately. Only after the acceptance, you move to the next step.
  • Pay the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee: Three days prior the fee must be submitted which Empire will assist in the process on where and how to pay the fee. Currently, the fee is around 180 for j student visa holders. One should make sure to save an invoice or the fee payment confirmation report.
  • Complete a US student visa application along with photographic evidence: After one has received the payment confirmation and ID, one can now make an appointment with a US consulate or the embassy- here in Nepal we have US Embassy. The early application the better for the USA as the visa issuance time varies. For all, one must complete the online visa application form call the DS-160 form.
  • Paying the visa application fee also known as Machine Readable Visa fee is a non-transferable visa application fee.
  • Schedule and attend a visa interview: finally, the crucial step in attaining the visa, Empire assist you by providing questionnaires, preparing a mock interview, imbue you with confidence, and ace the interview with the consular.


  • Value for money: as one gets the chance to pursue their dream in one of the best countries in the world where the best technological innovation, best business practices and the invention that benefits the entire globe is created. It may seem expensive at first, but they are expensive because of the rigour and relevancy of their certifications in the global sector.
  • Diverse nature of course and institution: Plethora of courses in a plethora of institutions to choose from. The institutions here are of 4 types:
    • State Colleges / Universities
    • Private Colleges / Universities
    • Community Colleges
    • Technology-based institutions.
    The institution here is one of the most reputed institutes in the world providing sustainable courses from industry leaders. The courses are more specialized (tertiary education) in comparison to another education system in the world.
  • Globally recognized education and the courses are industry-relevant.


  • Software Engineering ins several disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, networking, web development, algorithms and so on.
  • Chemistry in specific disciplines such as nanotechnology, biochemistry, organic chemistry and etcetera.
  • Science, especially in physics.
  • Business Management
  • Applied Mathematics
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