Documentation is a rigorous process where we collect necessary pieces of information that are asked by the university and immigration. Documentation requires close monitoring of information, each document must be carefully arranged, checked, amended if necessary, and notarized. During the documentation process, we must ensure that they are relevant, updated, and in a proper format.
Empire’s documentation officer along with the counsellors take the scrutiny of all the mentioned documents. They can be classified in the following way:

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  • Academic Documents – includes all the documents regarding education, for instance, educational certifications, provisional documents, personal accolades, training and so on.
  • Identification Documents – Relationship document with the sponsor, birth certificate, citizenship, passport, migration document, and so on.
  • Financial Documents – Sponsor’s job declaration, annual income certificates, tax clearances, bank statement, and so on.
  • Miscellaneous documents- COE documents, health certificate, police certificate, and so on.


Important: Documentation is highly co-related to your visa approval; therefore, one needs to consult with a qualified counsellor to ensure they are on point.



  • By providing one with checklist of all the document necessary for the particular country, course and case.
  • By assisting in managing all the documentation in a streamlined manner.
  • Check, amend and finalise all the documents, making them error free.
  • Acknowledge the changes in the immigration process and take corrective action in the documentation process.
  • Assist in the process where and how to acquire special documents.

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